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  • UAB Valandinis is an online platform for freelance builders. We are an intermediary between construction contractors and construction professionals in search for new opportunities. To some extent, we are very similar to UBER, Taxify or eTaksi. However, our focus is construction projects. Contractors in need of workforce contact us, and as soon as the next day our workers are already at their sites. It is a very efficient business model and, since we serve numerous and various market contractors, we have nearly no downtime, while our specialists earn much more than those working in traditional construction companies.
  • It takes just a few seconds to find your new job: fill out the form below or send your CV to, and we will contact you shortly.

Advantages of working with Valandinis platform

  • On average, 43% higher income than in traditional construction companies
  • You choose when (days, time) and where (objects, customers, job managers) to work.
  • If you use your own tools, we pay you an additional rent for them.
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